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We also have the contracted recycling parts factory as well. Our recycling percentage in our most advanced plant is now over 80% (other conventional parts wrecking yard is only less than 50%).

Also our recycling parts factory is very clean for environment as well.
Parts Ordering System

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FUJIYAMA TRADING is the one of biggest car, truck and bus supplier for used car and new cars,

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MOREOVER, see the following photos of our revolutional parts recycling factory.

Nobdy provide the cars, trucks and buses as well as the spare parst including new and used.

You are now wasting the space of container shipment and lost the business chance.

If you make your customer satisfied with your after sales servcie, they would be your LIFE TIME partner.

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New & Used Parts Supply We understand "After Sales Support" is key point to develop your business.

We can supply technical support and new / used parts.

In order to supply parts smoothly, we have membership web site for ordering parts.
Here are the system flow of our recyciling parts factory
1) Overview of our site... 1 hour from Nagoya port and space 400 square feet x2 ( Double floor )
2) The damaged vehicles waiti for the de-assembling process ( from insurance company & leasing company etc. )
3) Liquid Omission ... take the tires, battery, fuel & oils, AC gas and any other liquid in the car.. ONLY 5 min.
4) De assemble ...take out over 200 items within half hour time.. ( Convential parts wrecker only take 50 items and take longer time )
5) Press the body and recycled as material
6) Parts stock for engine, alternator, body parts, lamps etc.
7) Nose cut and other used parts waiting for loading to Container
8 ) Overseas buyer wrecking the parts by their own for requirement.
9) Our recycling accessories center ( as retail but we do wholesale also ).